A Practical Handbook for the Child’s Attorney: Effectively Representing Children in Custody Cases by Melissa A. Kucinski

“Children are the central focus in any custody case, but all too often attorneys, judges, and parents can lose sight of this. This book focuses on the means that allows the child’s voice to be heard – the appointment of a child’s attorney. With the questions the appointment of a child’s attorney raises about why to listen to the child, how best to solicit the child’s opinion, and what issues this may cause, this handbook presents a logical framework for addressing those important questions and providing the most productive answers.”

Representing Children in Dependency and Family Court: Beyond the Law by Rebecca M. Stahl and Philip Stahl

“A unique family law resource, this book by a psychologist with extensive experience in working with children, and an attorney who almost exclusively represents children in dependency court matters, reflects the real-world issues that are critical for working with child clients in dependency and family court settings. This is a clearly written and logical resource accessible to lawyers and related professionals at any level of experience.”

International Handbook on Child Participation in Family Law by Wendy Schrama, Marilyn Freeman, Nicola Taylor, & Marielle Bruning

“This topical and timely book considers children’s participation rights in the context of family law proceedings, and how their operation can be improved for the benefit of children and family justice systems globally. In doing so, it provides the pedagogical reasoning for child participation, as well as a thorough analysis of the relevant human rights instruments in this area, including the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.”